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Mike Randall as Charles Dickens

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A lover of Buffalo history and presenter of one person shows, when Mike Randall discovered that Charles Dickens performed in Buffalo in 1868, he decided to recreate Mr. Dickens presentation of his most well known story “A Christmas Carol”.
What Randall finds most intriguing about Dickens and his Readings is the way the author threw himself into the performances not just reading the words but becoming the characters on stage. At one time Charles Dickens had almost become a professional actor. Even when he pursued writing instead, he continued to produce and perform in “amateur theatricals”. His close actor friends claimed repeatedly that Dickens could easily have made a successful career on the stage. The Dickens Readings were not only a outlet for this amateur actor, but they became an absorbing, entertaining Tour de Force, a blending of author/actor creating wonderful magic on stage.

Free To Be Me

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For many families, going to see a movie is an entertaining way to spend time together. But for kids and young adults with autism and other disabilities, the traditional movie experience can be pretty overwhelming. The loud sounds, darkness and the need to watch the movie in silence can be hard for the kids.  Joylan Theatre will offer sensory-friendly movie viewings.  We would like to extend that opportunity to everyone.  So Get Up and Dance, Sing to a Song, Pace the Floor and enjoy the movie as you see fit.  Lights will be dimmed and not off, lower volume sound and a safe environment to be oneself during the Free To Be Me Movies.

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