Universal Announces ‘Dog Man’ Movie

The animated film adaptation of the cherished book series ‘Dog Man’ by Dav Pilkey, the author-illustrator best known for his enduringly popular children’s graphic novel series Captain Underpants, was announced by Universal Pictures. The studio has scheduled Dog Man’s wide opening for Friday, January 31, 2025.

The film, which was previously slated for release as an Untitled DreamWorks Animation Film, has no competitors as it prepares for its first weekend in theaters.

The plot of Dog Man, directed by Emmy winner Peter Hastings (The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants), is set in action when a police officer and a dog get hurt together while on the job. After that, a life-saving procedure alters history with the birth of Dog Man. Dog Man, who is half man and half dog, is determined to defend and serve as he tenaciously chases Petey the Cat, the feline supervillain, his arch-enemy, provided squirrels don’t divert him. But when Lil Petey, an adorable kitten clone of Petey, shows up, the rivalry between Dog Man and Petey is completely turned upside down.

Launched in 2016, the Dog Man Scholastic series now has 11 novels, with the 12th book, Dog Man: The Scarlet Shedder, slated to release in March. More than 60 million copies of the series have been printed worldwide, and it has been translated into 45 languages. The offshoot Cat Kid Comic Club, which made its debut in 2020, has sold over 60 million copies worldwide.

Source: Deadline